EST. 2011 | Sacramento, California

ActivFilms was founded in 2011 by Chris Feulner and Trevor Thompson who shared a passion for photography and cars. We started with second hand cameras, shooting our own and friends cars to refine our skills and build up our brand. We went though a tough bootstrap business method for about a year and utilized every resource we had to make it where we are today. From wrapping up photoshoots at midnight and editing until the sun rises to getting into cars to finish up dealer inventory photos that have been sitting on blacktop in 100 degree heat, our dedication to the business and our clients never slips. We are constantly exploring new avenues to better our services to you, our clients. It is what we do and will always do. Our team of professional photographers share the same passion we do and it is 100% evident with the work we deliver.

ActivFilms also holds a very large brand presence in exotic automotive industry. Our work has been featured in many online publications, television, magazines, and newspapers. After our beginning in 2011, we have grown to be one of the leading automotive media outlets in the country.

ActivFilms has created branded content for companies such as Ferrari, McLaren Automotive, Volkswagen USA, Audi USA, Rolls Royce Motor Cars, Hyundai USA, The Discovery Channel, and The Mint 400.



We handle the advertising content for over $1 billion worth of automotive dealer inventory a year

We are fully insured

95% of our clients are B2B

We love dogs